Faculty and Staff

At Covenant we are committed to assembling a first rate faculty of Christian educators.  We believer there is a difference between a teacher who teaches Christianly and a teacher who is simply a Christian.  All our teachers relate Christianity to all subjects and to behavior as well.  As you get to know your child's teacher, you will see a deep love and concern for your child as well as a willingness to "go the extra mile" in working with your child. I am pleased to introduce our faculty and staff to you:

Mrs. Sharon Gilder, Principal

Mrs. Karen Mathis, School Secretary

Mrs. Tammy Sanford, K-4 Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. KaRaye Jordan, Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Dianne Lewis, First Grade Teacher

Mrs. Rosalind Dixon, Second Grade Teacher

Mrs. Angela Hudson, Third Grade Teacher

Mrs. Susan Carroll, Fourth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Karen Dixon, Fifth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Julie Dorris, Sixth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Georgie Barbour, Librarian

Mrs. Ann King, Music Teacher

Mrs. Lucy Dixon, Computer Teacher

Mrs. Ann King, Art Teacher

Mrs. Elinor Phillips, P.E. Teacher