The Amazing Power of Prayer

Sharon Gilder on February 6, 2017

I'm really not a movie person so I hardly ever see anything that people are talking about.  Case in point, I just now saw "War Room".  I heard all the buzz about what a great movie it was and how powerful it was to see an entire movie built on the premise of the power of prayer.  I was very impressed with the fact that such a movie made it into the mainstream; but I wondered if all the accolades were deserved, and if this movie truly reflected prayer in a Biblical way. 

Well, I learned my lesson!  This movie encouraged my heart and stimulated me to desire a more vibrant, consistent prayer life.  I watched as in surrender, there was victory in the life of this main characters.  I saw God's hand working behind the scenes of this present world and I saw that in the awful pain of extreme difficulties, God is sufficient.  What a mighty God we serve!  We all face difficulties, large and small, and I encourage you to get a prayer "booster shot" by watching this movie. A very insightful quote I have heard (from whom I do not know) is helpful:  "We live in the dark on what we have learned in the light."  Let's commit to learning how to be prayer warriors before the hardships come!

And so, I join the crowds of people singing the praises of this film.  I highly recommend it and pray that you can find time to experience its remarkable message. 

That is all.

Sharon Gilder