We need to hold it together.......

Sharon Gilder on April 12, 2017

There are only 20 more school days left so the third grade tells me.  My, how the year has flown!  Things always get a little "wonky" this time of year.  The grass is green, the birds are singing and ball games are in full swing.  We love spring! However, schoolwork begins to suffer during these last weeks.  I know all the reasons why but we all HAVE to carry on until the end.  We still have things to learn and do to complete our year.  It would be a pity to let grades fall because of the last few weeks.  We try to be sensitive but we are at the end of our books and that's where the hard stuff is!  So.... I ask you to help your child be diligent and persevere to the last day.  It is a great lesson in character to do well until the final paper is turned in.  

The fourth and fifth grades did a fabulous job with their Mississippi Program!  It was a very entertaining night.  Thank you Mrs. King for your diligence and patience to teach our children so well.  

As we enter the Easter weekend, I pray that your heart will be lifted and blessed by the remembrance and celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ's death, burial and resurrection.  Hallelujah!  Christ is RISEN!

Amen and amen.

Mrs. Gilder