He knows the end from the beginning....

Sharon Gilder on September 13, 2017

As we settle into another school year, I thank God for the honor of being a part of His work here at Covenant.  This tiny little school has planted the seeds of the kingdom for over 30 years and if the Lord is willing, we will continue for 30 more.  I grieve that more Yazooans are not able to be a part of our family.  We are not the biggest, we are not the most modern, we are not offering a full gamut of sports and activities, but we are the most wonderful place for children to  begin their education.  Surrounded by loving and caring Christian adults, the children of Covenant are nurtured and trained and molded into respectful, kind, polite individuals who have learned about God's word and His work.  In spite of our shrinking numbers, we will not be discouraged for we know that God is in our midst and he knows how many students we will have and how long we will be allowed to continue. 

I read just this morning about the inscrutable knowledge of God.  He knows all.  He governs all.  He IS all.  To quote A.W. Pink in his book, The Attributes of God, "God's knowledge of the future is as complete as is His knowledge of the past and the present, and that, because the future depends entirely upon Himself."  As a believer, I am greatly comforted by that reality.  Through our various trials and triumphs, God is continually accomplishing His holy will.  So, when you see our lower enrollment, do not be discouraged.  God is on the throne and He will and has ordered all things.  And because He is God, the future is not uncertain, it is all working our just as it is supposed to work out for He knows the end from the beginning.

That is all.

Sharon Gilder